Self Care

The Perfect Match: Man Cave for Him & She Shed for Her

Move over Man Cave and make way for the She Shed, a place for much needed alone time and a place to read, dream, work on a hobby or catch up on some sleep. Ranging from elegant to something that can only be described as 'functional,' She Sheds offer your own private oasis.

If you don’t want the hassle (and expense) of building an actual She Shed, here are some ideas for alternatives:

Parks –-Escape to a local park to stroll through the walkways or enjoy the sun on a strategically placed bench.  Get fresh air and enjoy some undisturbed time away.

Walks –-Turn off your cell phone and get your steps in.  Fitbits and other wearables can help with motivation and goals. Check out Fitbit Adventures to be virtually transported to Yosemite and the New York City Marathon during your walks.

Noise Cancelling Headphones-– “Just turn it all off!”  In some ways you can with noise cancelling headphones.  Mute the noisy world and enjoy some silence or listening to your favorite music with the volume at a more comfortable level.  A non-electronic hack is to wear protective earmuffs over your ear buds but with the wires looped over and behind your ears – the earmuffs seal better while removing some frequencies.  Your ear buds will sound better (at the small cost of looking like you’ve just come from a construction site).

Hot Bath -– Remember the ‘Calgon, Take Me Away’ slogan?  Still applies.  Bubbles, candles, warm water, add good book.

Gardening -– More outside time.  Flower or vegetable, full blown plot or convenient containers.  Gardening helps you get in touch with nature and if all goes well, reap a reward in the process.  Not sure about your green-thumb’s abilities?  Consider a salsa garden for ease now and delicious payoff in a few weeks.

Museums-–Even the smallest communities have museums. Take a look around and find a hidden gem. Immersing yourself in something new can be a great way to stimulate neurons and escape in the process.

Coffee Shops --Alone in a (caffeinated) crowd.  With the help of Google you can actually see a coffee shop’s popular times throughout the day and plan your latte escape accordingly.  The New York Times noted one study found that coffee shops create just the right level of background noise to stimulate creativity.  Bonus – Check out Coffitivity, when you just can’t get to your coffee haven but need that background noise from your computer.

We’ve listed ours.  How about yours?


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