5 Easy Calming Tips for When We're Stressed Out

by Willona M. Sloan

Life is stressful. Balancing work, family, working out, seeing friends, social media, the barrage of natural disasters, political disasters and daily drama is enough to make you want to scream every once in a while. That’s OK. We all get there.

It’s important to acknowledge how you feel and take a break. A timeout recharges and calms your heart when it starts to race.

Remember, your needs matter, too! Make some time in your day to create positive vibes in your life.

Sing. Singing in the shower is actually a pretty great way to kick off your day. Instead of dragging yourself through your pre-work ritual, try hooking up a Bluetooth speaker and blasting your favorite playlist.

Make a friend date. You always say you want to see your friends more. DO IT. If finding the time for plans is too hard then get creative. Go to your girlfriend’s house with a bottle of wine. Help her do the dishes if that’s what it takes. Meet up for a stroll and coffee in the park. Take a class together.

Watch a silly comedy from your youth. You might be one of those people who watches Walking Dead to take your mind off things, but it’s not very calming. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, anyone? Saved by the Bell? You can’t be stressed watching these shows.

Get outside. When I need air, I like to go up on the roof of my building and just look out over the skyline, breathe and think. Get away from it all for minute and look up at the sky. Sit on the porch, go to a sidewalk cafe and people watch. Get some fresh air and take a break.

Use your hands. It’s nice to create something from scratch. Pick up an easel and paint supplies, take up knitting, get an adult coloring book, scrapbook, collage, or make jewelry. Moving your hands will help steady your breath and give your mind something positive to focus on.

You don’t have to sell your work at a craft fair. You don’t have to keep it or show to anyone. You’re doing this for yourself.

Yes, life is stressful but staying calm doesn’t have to be. Take things one step at a time and take time out for yourself a little bit every day.

Photo by Manu Franco on Unsplash


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