Hot Flash Sisters & Frostbite Bros

by Cindy Moy, founder of Hot Flash Sisters

I was skimming through the comments after watching a video about perimenopause symptoms and the tone took a decidedly hostile turn toward the opposite gender. I'm talking about the men who shiver next to us when we open the windows in the middle of winter during a hot flash--let's call them the Frostbite Bros.

It's true that men will never understand what it's like to go through perimenopause, but then, that's rather the point of them being men, isn't it?

There's a documentary titled Mansome, produced in part by actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett that discusses the question of what it means to be a man.

It's good--although I learned a lot more about male grooming habits than I ever wanted to know. I CAN'T UN-SEE THAT YOU KNOW!

I would also dearly like to eliminate the documentary’s discussion of ‘batwings’ from my mind. Google it if you want to know more because we will not be discussing that here.

Apparently masculinity is often directly related the amount of hair on a man and where it is located. As to what an appropriate amount of hair is, and how much should be where, no one on the show could agree.

I will spare you the details because I like you and do not want to traumatize you. Let’s just say that for me, the highlight of the documentary was Bateman and Arnett taking a bath together.


Anyway, at one point Bateman remarked that “a real man is accountable.”
That seems like a darn good answer to the definition of manhood.
Now I need to go wash out my eyes.


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